As Black Storm Brewery’s 12 Beers in 12 Months project celebrates six months of collaborations with breweries and artists, we are looking back at the previous months and reminding everyone of these innovative beers.

Following months of planning, early mornings and sleepless nights, the Black Storm team announced the confirmation of the 12 Beers scheme in early January, releasing a new beer every month, in partnership with breweries across the UK.

An integral part of the project has been to identify talented illustrators for the design of the cans, we worked closely with each designer to ensure the beers cans were the trendiest on the market.

January: The first instalment was the ‘Pink Champagne’ beer, this Pint Brut IPA, brewed with Green Duck Beer Co. and illustrated by Sleep Sparrow. This kicked off us with intent, as the refreshing tart lemon and berry flavour was complimented by a cranberry and strawberry taste, finished in a vibrant pink colour.

February: Secondly, ‘Alliance’ a New England Black IPA, brewed with Fallen Acorn, and illustrated by Andy Touhy, proved to be a complete difference to January's edition - this black beer with hints of cameral and non-bittiness roast offered an alternative taste.

March: Next up was the unusually named ‘Onesies & Cuddles’, this New England IPA was experimental variety hop, brewed with Frisky Beer Brewing Co. and illustrated by Dale Crosby. The fruity, earthy taste was proved popular, as 'Onesies & Cuddles' sold out in record time.

April: ‘Cherry ‘The King’ Lawler’ brewed with Top Rope and illustrated by Jason Hollis, shocked the punters with its sharp tartness, this cherry IPA had a lingering taste of hops and bitterness which sealed its bold flavour.

May: This special edition beer - ‘The Death by Love, Gentleman of Letters’ was brewed with Autumn Brewing Co. - our gluten-free company, and was illustrated by Ciarán Glöbel. This naturally brewed gluten-free dark roast stout is completed with a dry chocolatey finish.

June: ‘Shakedown’ a New England Milkshake IPA, brewed with Tyne Bank Brewery and illustrated by Dan Underwood; celebrated sunnier days with a peach and apricot flavour, its golden orange body, signifies this as the summer beer. (Shakedown is due for release in July)

New collaborations, new tastes, new beer.



Pub in the park festival - bath

Royal Victoria in Bath staged the fourth Pub in the Park festival over the weekend, as the Black Storm team headed south in anticipation for a busy few days, thoughts were drawn to the 2018 event in Bath, where the team endured the busiest weekend of last year.

Prior to setting off the team loaded the instantly recognisable Black Storm van full of all available products, unfortunately the hugely popular Tropical Storm has indeed gone down a storm, with stock running extremely low, extra Summer Storm and the exclusive Pub in the Park IPA cans were loaded up.

The celebratory atmosphere was evident as the lovely people of Bath arrived in fine fettle, the array of food, drink and live music available brought a mixture of people in - families, groups of friends and couples all seemed over-the-moon to be in attendance.

From the get-go the team were greeted with warm, and as the weekend rolled on the beers started to fly out - the team’s knowledge and passion must have travelled around the festival as the crowds grew bigger as the weekend drew on.

There was no surprise on which beer sold the best, Summer Storm’s cream soda taste and festival looking artwork proved again to be an attractive option. Also, bottles of Porter - winner of the best porter in the UK 2018 - was a fashionable choice.

Overall the weekend demonstrated why Black Storm love attending festivals across the UK, the trip home provided time for reflection on all the people who came along to meet the team, and who’ve hopefully been converted into Storm Chasers.

As the Black Storm team reach the halfway point in the summer tour, the overwhelming support by the Pub in the Park staff and other establishments cannot be ignored, along with supplying countless great customers.

Next stop in the tour is the first weekend in July (5th-7th) in Warwick at St. Nicolas Park, come along, we might even have some new beers.


We’ve been sworn to secrecy for months, struggling to keep our mouths shut, haphazardly swerving any conversation about 'our brewery', as we've been unable to share the excitement about finally getting the keys to our very own place.

Located in County Durham the brewery is now public knowledge, following a successful takeover of Black Hill Brewery along with their assets. The Black Storm empire can really begin to embark on its ambitious future, set by Managing Director Paul Hughes.

Brewers Andrew and Kieran - having endured a painful few weeks of deep cleaning and planning how to effectively brew enough beer to keep up with the busy workload - have now started Black Storm's first-ever brew, a proud moment for everyone involved.

Since 2017, our productive relationship with Hadrian Border Brewery - former brewers of our beer, have been nothing short of exceptional, we will be forever thankful for their continued loyal support.

Nevertheless, the opening of the brewery signals a new chapter, an exciting period in our short lifespan, which is quickly gaining momentum.

We are so grateful for those who have bought our products, sat in one of our bars, or visited us at a festival.

The storm is BREWING.



Suitable for Celiac suffers 3/3

Unlike some gluten-free products, Autumn Brewing Co.’s specially brewed beers are suitable for individuals suffering from celiac disease.

The disease is a common digestive condition which can cause multiple symptoms, leaving the suffers in huge discomfort - worldwide statistics show that 1 in 100 people are affected daily.

Contrasting to public perception, celiac disease and being gluten sensitive are two different things, while both have similar symptoms, there are differences in how to treat them.

In the gluten-free beer market, there was initial concern whether ‘gluten-removed’ beer would be suitable for celiac suffers. An issue concerning suffers is that most gluten-free beers are brewed with barley and wheat, then removed by an enzyme at a later stage; causing those individuals who require a gluten-free drink to be sceptical.

Yet, Autumn Brewing Co. contains only water, malted rice, sugar, quinoa, hops and yeast, becoming only ONE of four in the UK to brew beer and lager without any barley and wheat in at all.

Our ALT BREW range has revolutionised what can be achieved with gluten-free beer. For celiac suffers look no further than Autumn Brewing Co. - the taste, quality and suitability is like no other gluten-free beer.



Lifestyle Choice 2/3

Everyone’s got an option in today's society, an individual has the choice on how they live their lives - beliefs, attitudes and values change naturally in time.

The option to remove gluten from ones diet is becoming a more regular occurrence, food and drink gluten-free options are commonly seen in retailers across the world. Not so long ago, these kinds of supplements were only available through prescription.

Gluten is found in a large proportion of products from the most well known foods like pasta and cakes, to sauces and sweets. However, the key ingredient in producing beer is barley, which contains a fair amount of gluten within it.

Since the demand of gluten-free products has rocketed, breweries have dedicated themselves to brew only gluten-free beer. IPA’s, Pilsner's, Blonde's, and Stout’s are commonly brewed to meet personal preferences, offering a wide range.

Autumn Brewing Co.'s stance in the beer market is focused on giving individuals an alternative option when wanting to enjoy a beer. Therefore, the production of gluten-free classical beers is required to mirror the taste of a 'conventional beer.'

Ultimately, for beer lovers who have decided to alter their lifestyle for a gluten-free diet, the variety is growing, along with the quality of the taste.


Less Bloating 1/3

Have you ever really fancied a beer, drank it, then instantly you've regretted it, as the beer leaves you feeling lethargic and uncomfortable? If so, then gluten-free beverages are the future.

A typical beer is brewed with large amounts of carbohydrates particularly barley and wheat, these are ingredients that can cause bloating.

Bloating occurs because once you consume beer its acts as a nucleation, meaning the gas is trapped within the drink and is then released inside your stomach - usually the fizzier the beer, the greater amount of gas will then be released inside of you.

Hence the reason why gluten-free options are becoming increasingly popular as they are naturally lighter and easier to digest.

An issue for long-term beer enthusiasts, who passionately enjoy ‘normal beer’ is whether these gluten-free drinks actually taste like a traditional beer. Therefore, breweries are taking note, implementing a wider range of options.

Autumn Brewing Co.’s two current beers; the Bavarian Pilsner and the English Pale Ale, will be joined soon by a third, a special edition, released very soon.

The ALT BREW beers are made up of water, malted rice, sugar, quinoa, hops and yeast, these naturally brewed beers have been a huge success for Black Storm, and 2019 has shown how promising the gluten-free market can be.


For those who are unaware, Black Storm Brewery and Autumn Brewing Co. are as one - an extended family comprised of two breweries passionate about great BEER.

In 2018, Black Storm founder Paul Hughes boosted Black Storm's stand in the craft beer market with the acquisition of the gluten-free microbrewery based in Seaham.

Autumn Brewing Co.'s position in the gluten-free marketplace has been remarkable, embracing a growing trend for the demand of these alternative beers.

The production of the beers is used by mixing grains such grains, rice, millet and quinoa, yielding the highest quality of naturally brewed beers and lagers.

Currently, the ALT BREW are made up of two beers and is an award-winning range, the latest ALT BREW is to be released later this month - available via can or keg.

Stocked across the UK, ALT BREW offers customers an option of a light and refreshing Bavarian Style Pilsner, or a traditional English Pale Ale.

Alternative Brewing use the highest quality ingredients sourced from two specialist from the USA; Eckert Malting Brewing Company and Grouse Malt House; both experts in the field of gluten-free beers.

Black Storm's formidable partnership has enabled Autumn Brewing Co. to become the first company in Europe to import and use naturally gluten-free brewing malts.

Due to the high demand of Autumn beers, the events team will be attending various food and drink festivals the summer, including the Great British Food Festival and the Coeliac UK gluten-free fest; showcasing the growing market.

Over the next week, we will be releasing daily articles in regard to the benefits of drinking gluten-free beers. Stay tuned!


What a way to kick off our venture into Manchester with the opening of Beer Box in the HATCH container village last weekend.

Located on Oxford Road, HATCH is placed ideally in student territory, and if Saturday has anything to go by, we are in the perfect destination for the Box to prosper.

New Beer Box manager Nathan, Paul Hughes and part-time beer genius James headed up the highly anticipated opening of HATCH, with Saturday being an entertainment masterclass on how to run an opening day event.

The team were received brilliantly by neighbouring businesses, and those who entered the Box were eager to sample some of the nation’s most innovative beers.

Unlike the Box in Newcastle, there was a pouring bar available for customers to take their drinks into the venue, this was initially a trial, but following the demand of the punters the pouring bar will remain as a permanent fixture.

The atmosphere within HATCH was matched by our team, who joined in with the celebratory mood, opening the box to allow the live music and performances to embody how we want to be perceived by Manchester - a friendly, welcoming bottle shop.

We would love you all to pop in and see us!

Monday-Thursday: 12pm - 6pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm - 11pm.


The expansion continues for Black Storm as the storm heads South to Manchester, a thriving city with big links to the UK craft beer market, with the opening of Beer Box in HATCH container village.

The original Beer Box located at STACK containers in the centre of Newcastle has shown to be successful venture, the friendly bottle shop stocks innovative beers from around the UK.

Due to successes of Beer Box, the decision was made to take the Box on tour this summer across several festivals in the North East - after three events so far, the tour is delighting staff and customers alike.

Once Beer Box opened its doors in 2018, plans for the second was always intended, with Manchester being the overwhelming favourite for the where the next bottle shop should be based.

The Black Storm team made the short journey to the North West as part of an ‘educational’ trip, scouting out potential locations for the Box, stopping off at Cloudwater Brew Co for whistle-stop tour around their impressive brewery.

Manchester’s craft beer scene, much like Newcastle’s had experienced a demand for qwerty beers and lagers in the past few years and the Box has played a huge part in bringing these visionary beers to us Geordies.

Therefore, the agreement to place Beer Box into HATCH on Manchester’s Oxford Road - a busy student location was a no-brainer.

Once the formalities were completed, the Black Storm team worked around- the-clock to ensure that the new Box would match the original Box. With help from new manager Nathan, Beer Box Manchester is set to open tomorrow (15th June).

Black Storm has taken on the North East, now it’s time to take on the North West.

Manchester join our adventure and become Storm Chasers.


strm chaser

At Black Storm Brewery we really have the best team, this is why we are starting a monthly appreciation post, showcasing a team member who’s gone the extra mile this past month.

Working at Black Storm no two days are ever the same, we could be at a festival, setting up a new shop or bar, delivering beers nationally or serving our wonderful customers.

This however would be impossible without our Logistics Manager - Mr Black Storm Van himself - Gordon.

Without Gordons hard work, passion and expertise, we would struggle to keep up with our busy schedule.

Last year Gordon was recruited as a part-time delivery driver and has grown alongside Black Storm, as the company has developed into an exciting, forward-thinking brewery.

An example of Gordon’s versatility was perfectly highlighted last week. Having spent three days in Leeds for the Pub in the Park festival, the team and Gordon arrived back in Whitley Bay late on Sunday night, only to be in the office Monday and Tuesday to attend managers meetings and to plan the week ahead; Wednesday and Thursday he was off to Manchester, to build Beer Box in Hatch - Black Storm’s newest venture; and finally Friday-Sunday was spent at another festival, this time in Seaham.

Nevertheless, most weeks are usually just as hectic - sometimes even crazier, and Gordon is usually the man in the centre of making things run smoothly.

Hats off to you Gordon, the Black Storm team are more than grateful for your efforts, continue the great work!