Now. Who doesn’t love spotting us when they’re enjoying a festival?

You would have done well not to bump into us or Beerbox across the country this summer. We have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, racking up hundreds of miles in the hope of delivering our beer. Whether you visited us at a nationwide festival like Pub in the Park or CarFest, or you drank with us at a smaller festival in the North East - if you drink with us you're one of us.

For the festival team whose passion and affection for Black Storm was evident at every event, their desire to share our story clear as day. Led by Mr Black Storm and Managing Director Paul Hughes who was the mainstay at pretty much every festival. Throughout the summer he was joined by different members of the team who all flew the Black Storm flag, delivering great service to our many storm chasers.

A special mention must be said towards our fellow traders whose friendliness and warmth through rain or shine was certainly a summer highlight. The relationships we built has enabled us to form solid partnerships with the likes of Weston Biltong Company and Jarvis Pickle, whose products now sold in our bars.

Some of you may have noticed that we had exclusive cans created for Pub in the Park and the Great British Food Festival; the IPA and Blonde cans were both received well by festival goers wanting to enjoy a traditional ale. Unsurprisingly, award-winning Tropical Storm and double award-winning Porter were the stand out beers.

As an overview of the summer tour we have put together our top 3 weekends:

1. Pub in the Park: Leeds

The weekend in Leeds, a city we always expect to indulge in their craft beer - surpassed our predications. The Leeds punters were only too happy to buy our beer - especially Summer Storm, the relaunch of 2018’s most popular beer resulted in us leaving Yorkshire with limited stock. Nevertheless, the highly successful festival was our most enjoyable Pub in the Park festival of 2019.

2. Beerbox on tour

Bringing the beers outside the box was the motto of this summer’s Beerbox on tour circuit. Spanning across the North East, the Beerbox staff's understanding of selling craft beer to different audiences was demonstrated in how a pop-up tent stocking unique beer can be super effective.  

3. CarFest South

In August Chris Evans CarFest in Hampshire was brilliant event for us. As expected, the weekend was full of pistol heads there to enjoy the shows. However, the crowds also had a passion for craft beer. The success of the weekend was reflected when we arrived back in the North East with no stock left.  

Finally, one last big thank you to everyone who came and visited us this summer - roll on summer 2020!

Don’t worry, if you’re missing our festival team already, it’s not too long until Christmas, where we will have our annual market up in Newcastle city centre.


final black storm month

The much anticipated return of STORM CHASER OF MONTH is finally here, celebrating a member of staff who has stood out amongst us!
As the summer months draw to an end, we are planning the rest of 2019 - specifically the 12 beers in 12 months project beers. With only a few months left of the year, we have six new collaboration beers to be released before Christmas.
This months winner, has worked tirelessly to ensure we have some innovative and mind-blowing beers in partnership with breweries across the country including: Darwin, Fallen Acorn, Frisky Bear and Allendale.
Logistics driver Jamie fully deserves the accolade - networking with breweries and discussing the type of beer to produce. The reward for his hard work is the privilege of naming the next project beer - 'Expression of the Emotions in Banana.'
Jamie's wealth of experience in the craft beer industry and his undoubted knowledge of beer is a great asset to our team. His personable nature when delivering our beer to all sides of the UK has enabled us to have exciting collaborations to come.
Nice work J, we're looking forward to sampling the collab beers!


We celebrated BeerBox turning one on Saturday and what a fantastic year it has been - beer, beer & more beer has come and gone from our friendly bottle shop.

There is no doubt that beer is central to everything we do at Black Storm and our box full of beer has been integral in sharing our love of great, innovative products.

Located in Stack Newcastle (just at the bottom of Northumberland Street) BeerBox reputation of stocking the finest, weirdest and funkiest beers from across the UK, has enabled us and BeerBox to grow together.







Follow BeerBox's story on their social media pages.

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final black storm month

STORM CHASER OF THE MONTH returns and this months winner certainly deserves the accolade, following an impressive month.
Here at Black Storm, we are ever-changing, always thinking about the next month, next beer or next venture.
But one thing remains, our first bar, our first born, our bread and butter - STORM CELLAR Whitley Bay.
Therefore, this months Storm Chaser of the Month goes to Dan, bar manager of Storm Cellar. Dan's personality, drive and love of Black Storm has enabled our Whitley Bar to continue to thrive and under his leadership the bar has growth from strength-to-strength.
To prove our point, Dan and Storm Cellar have recently been nominated for bar of the year 2019 at the Great British Pub awards in the LGBTQ+ category, and we are confident they'll come away victorious.
Storm Cellar is central in the Black Storm journey and with Dan at the helm they are sure to continue to grow.
Great passionate work Dan, keep it going, we know you will!


The arrival of the latest 12 beers in 12 months project beer has shaken the Northern craft beer scene, with its daring design and bold summer flavours.

In collaboration with Tyne Bank Brewery, SHAKEDOWN - a 6.4% peach and apricot milkshake IPA has stunned punters over the weekend with its refreshing and appealing taste.

Brewed with vibrant Eldorado and Simcoe hops, has a beautiful golden orange body created using oats, wheat and a dash of caramel - this is a beer that you all must try!

The feedback we have received from our venues over the weekend is that Shakedown has been flying out the fridges, with many taking inspiration and picturing the moment (we love seeing customer photos of our beer!)

This highly anticipated beer has certainly caught the attention across the North East, a key reason for this has to be the awesome design of Ouseburn by Dan Underwood, this striking illustration is defiantly an eye-catcher.

As always, these collaboration beers are limited edition, we can already tell that these will not be around for long!

Pick some up at any of our venues - before its too late!


Yes, that is right. AWARD-WINNERS.

We are overjoyed to announce that Tropical Storm and Porter has been awarded at the Great Taste Awards 2019!

We always knew our Tropical Storm and Porter were some of best beers around, the 2/3 stars credited to us confirms our suspicions, they ARE great.

A 2-star rating is dubbed by the Great Taste committee as ‘above and beyond delicious - less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating.’

Great Taste awards evening is a world-renowned event, with over 12,000 food and drink entries from over 100 countries. This historical event was founded in 1994 and is widely regarded as THE awards ceremony for food and drink.

Sinking in? Even writing this, we are beginning to realise the enormity of it!

Anyway…yes sorry...

We have received some fantastic feedback from the judges, here’s a quick sample of some:

Tropical Storm

“A good citrus note, good sweetness, hop bitterness works well, a good effervescence and juiciness and the strong finish.”

“The sweet explosion in the mouth and coriander spice notes are pleasing, we loved the long/bitter sweet finish.”

“We could drink it all day.”


“A wonderfully rich deep ruby coffee colour, a sweet and chocolatey with an undercurrent of fruit, a great beer.”

“Loved the length of the finish, it just kept giving, with a really lovely rounded texture.”

“The flavour delivered, the anticipated hoppy bitterness, with plenty of vanilla, chocolate and nutty notes, lovely depth of flavour."

As you can see, the judges were thrilled with our beer, and we are jubilant with the feedback we have received!

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible - next time you enjoy a Tropical Storm or Porter, it might taste even better, as you're now drinking a globally acclaimed beer!

The Storm is circling the North 🍻

A farewell from our intern

My time at Black Storm is over! Being an intern, I have done such an array of things it’s difficult to really describe what my main role was, but what I can confidently say is that I enjoyed every minute of it!

From having a go at creating van designs, to watching beer being brewed, to creating content for Newcastle Pride, I have watched Black Storm evolve and connect with so many people throughout my time and it has been an amazing experience! 

To anyone looking to build their experience to aid their journey towards their dream career I cannot recommend finding yourself an internship enough - I have learnt so many transferrable skills I know I will be able to use in the future and in my last year of University.  

As we all know the Black Storm team are all great and I can’t thank them enough for this opportunity!

Thanks guys! 

'Pride of Black Storm'

We thoroughly enjoyed Newcastle Pride over the weekend. Beer Box Newcastle and Drop Everything And Drink were a joy to behold - an array of colour embarked into our city centre venues.

We created this video to show our support to the community.



For the long journey to Tunbridge Wells for the seventh Pub in the Park festival, the Black Storm team were feeling optimistic, loaded with a heavily stocked van full of delightful beer.

The live music and promise of outstanding food brought in groups of friends and families, all praying for the sunshine to remain for the entire weekend.

As per, the team pitched up alongside other independent companies, who have continued to lighten up our weekends, with their warm and generosity.

Equipped with the exclusive Pub in the Park IPA can, Summer Storm and the limited edition Pilsner, there was no surprise that all three flew out.

Friday night was wrapped up by Rick Astley, who thrilled the crowds with his classics ballads, prior to Astley's performance, Paul -  Black Storm's Pub in the Park specialist was busy serving customers, keen on sampling the entire collection of beers.

Thankfully for traders and festival goers alike, the summer sun kept spirits high, a huge plus for Paul, as the sun brought plenty customers to the Black Storm stall. Sun + Beer = the perfect mix for a lazy weekend.

Thus far, the Pub in the Park fest has not disappointed, with only two left of year, the Black Storm team are excited for that the concluding festivals will offer.

Across the country the teams have met so many lovely people, expanding our cliental and creating more Storm Chasers.

Black Storm will return in September as the festival continues at Cheswick House & Gardens on the 6th-8th. See you there!