Welcoming the arrival of the new can core range!


The arrival of the new core cans is a welcome addition to the Black Storm’s ever-growing portfolio of beers and we are ecstatic to bring you Pilsner, IPA, Porter, Blonde and Pale Ale in a 440ml can.

For a while now, we have planning how we want to represent ourselves through our can designs. And finally, after weeks and months, we, at last, came to a decision!

So, this March we are overjoyed to be able to bring you the ‘Blackout Edition’ with a coloured wrap, signifying the type of beer that is bubbling away inside.

Part of our original brand strategy was to differentiate our beers with colours and identifying each beer with colour has worked well for us, with the core range instantly becoming recognisable. BLONDE – YELLOW, IPA – GREEN, PORTER – CHARCOAL, PILSNER – BLUE and PALE ALE – PURPLE.

What we are keen on doing is to produce is a clean, simplistic, bold-looking design that can capture the attention of beer lovers across the country. The summer festival tour takes us across the UK as the #BStour2020 is where we believe our cans will be most popular – out on the road.

This doesn’t mean you cannot get your hands on these cans anywhere else though, they will be available in Tap House Whitley Bay & Newcastle, as well as from our online store.



Brewgooder 2020

We are super excited to part of a fantastic initiative in aid of World Water Day 2020. Brewgooder’s global gathering is aimed at using the power of craft beer to raise vital funds for clean water across the world. Black Storm are proud to stand alongside hundreds of breweries including Camden Town Brewery, Beavertown Brewery, Wylam Brewery and Northern Monk.

Each brewery are required to brew a one-off beer to sell to generate funds which can be used to help bring clean water into communities who struggle to have regular access to a healthy water supply.

Black Storm’s stance on a global scheme such as this one is merited, we were keen to get involved from day dot! Every single penny we can raise through the charity beer will put back into the Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Blackstormbrewgooder2020 - please give what you can!

Last week we received a charitable donation from Crisp Malt of ½ tonne of Malt to brew with. Brewer Adam, with his expertise has opted to brew a very hoppy IPA (more details to follow), with the brew day being scheduled for this week.

Tap House Newcastle and Whitley Bay will be leading the way to push sales for the Global Gathering, it’s an entire team effort from Black Storm to help such a worthy cause. Over the next month The Taphouses will be hosting fundraising events to bring customers through the doors and support this charity.

If you feel as strongly as we feel do about tackling this global issue please
pop along to our events, donate a little of your hard-earned money and sit back
and enjoy a beer!

To read more about the Global Gathering visit the website – https://www.brewgooder.com/

The Brewers Project 2020

Introducing The Brewers Project 2020, a scheme to bring together new beers and local talented illustrators through experimental recipes.

Similarly to 2019's 12Beers in 12Months concept, but for this year each team member will work with our head brewer to come up with a new beer together in the hope of creating some weird and wonderful tastes.

Alongside the brewing of our core and seasonal ranges the Brewers Project will be incorporated into the 2020 brewing schedule, and for NOW will just be available on cask.

A big part of the project is to showcase talented designers who are keen to work with us to produce eye-catching pump clips, enabling their name and work to reach a nationwide audience.

This exciting project began yesterday in our Chester-Le-Street brewery, with the head brewer kicking off the process with this own choice of beer - AURORA SMASH.

This 3.5% light session pale ale is to be the first beer in the collection and will be available across our Tap Houses in early February!

If you're an illustrator and want to be involved in this year's project - get in touch!

#yearofthestorm #brewersproject2020

2020 vision: Tap House

Tomorrow we embark into our latest venture as we welcome our two new bars in Whitley Bay and Newcastle Upon Tyne. As part of our 2020 vision we decided to rebrand Storm Cellar and Drop Everything And Drink into Tap Houses.

The arrival of our Tap Houses is a bold move by us, we are eagar to push our independent brewery to the next level and with a new look we are confident that this has the potential to take us there.

The Tap Houses will be home to the best house and guest beers, along with the quality local artisan food; served together, is the perfect match for our relaxed, friendly venues.

Another change is that we will reconnect with the community. We have lost connection with the wider public, which is never been the Black Storm way, hence why our new bar managers are keen on forming relationships to run regular events.

As we enter our third
year of trading, the strong belief that this year is the #yearofthestorm.

Three reasons why 2020
is our year:

  2. First full year for our brewery
  3. 440ml core cans are to be released

We cannot wait to see new and old faces back in our bars and enjoying our award-winning beer - our #stormchasers are the heart of who we are. It’s an exciting time for us we would love you to join us on this journey.

New look, new ideas, new beers - all for the New Year.


New beginnings for Durham's neighbourhood pub

When we thought of opening a new bar, Durham sprung to mind. Without a shadow of doubt, we knew a pub in the historic town would be huge opportunity for the Black Storm group. Upon finding out that The Woodman Inn was available, we jumped on the chance to meet with the former owners and take a look around a pub well-loved in the community.

Now, we can count on one hand the amount of times we’ve walked into a venue and immediately thought. Yes, this has the potential to be a proper Black Storm pub. The surprisingly spacious bar, with a pool table, two dart boards and enormous TV caught our eye. Not forgetting the beer garden, a huge area which after some love and care, and the return of the sun, will be a fantastic part of the pub.

We collected the keys only four days before the reopening day and the entire team chipped in to turn The Woodman Inn into a typical Black Storm site. Lead by Paul, Carl, and Tom – the three to steer the ship in Durham - the transformation began and will continue to as we enter the festive period.

Formerly, the pub gained a strong following from locals, who were only to pleased when we announced that we would be taking ownership, breathing a new lease of life into a Durham’s neighbourhood pub. We thought a ploy to bring new and old punters through the doors was to create a weekly events schedule. Following a few days researching what’s popular in Durham, we decided on:

Mon- Monday Club

Tues- Toastie Tuesday

Wed- Quiz Night

Thurs- Free Pool

Fri- Gin Club

Sat- Pitcher Perfect

Sun-Hair of the dog

We surely hope to entice regulars to return for their favourite event of the week!

With the run up to Christmas and New Year, Durham will be a hub of activity. So whether you fancy a break from painstakingly doing laps of the shops, catching up with old friends, or just want to enjoy a quiet drink, here at Black Storm’s Woodman Inn we can offer it all.

Come down, we would gladly serve you!


Last week we waved goodbye to Autumn Brewing Co. and their ALT range of gluten-free beers. In the fast-moving environment that we operate in, we are keen on continuing to innovate and better ourselves, whilst growing the Black Storm group in an upward direction. Therefore, we have decided to rebrand the Autumn range into the Black Storm gluten-free collection.

When we acquired the Seaham based company last year, we knew fine well of their presence in the craft beer gluten-free market; we have been astounded with support and praise we have received whilst brewing, promoting and selling these award-winning beers. We have travelled the length and breadth of the country readied with ALT beers in cans and bottles which have sold unbelievably well.

At first, we were taken aback with the level of interest for gluten-free beers; hence the reason why we are continuing to champion gluten-free beer and will be for the foreseeable future!

To recap, The ALT range was made of up
three beers:

ALT 1: A Bavarian Style Pilsner, ALT 2: An English Pale Ale and ALT 3: A Dark Roast Stout. The latter were gold winners at the Free From food awards 2018.

The Dark Roast stout was exceedingly popular, much so that in the 12 Beers in 12 Months collaboration project, Black Storm decided to use the stout as part the 2019 range.

However, on November the 1st  we decided to remove Autumn’s social media and website which signaled the end of the partnership.

Not to worry! In 2020 will be bring a whole new core range of gluten-free beers.

We hope the followers that Autumn gained through the brilliant work prior to our partnership and once we took the reins, will drive us for a better future.


The much anticipated STORM CHASER OF THE MONTH - October is finally here, celebrating a member of the team who has stood out amongst us! This month the Award has been hijacked by our founder Paul Hughes.

“As I look across our company, we have a fantastic team of people that I am so proud of, and without each and everyone of them, Black Storm and I, would not be where we are today, however I have hijacked this months Storm Chaser of the Month, usually chosen by our marketing department as I would like to celebrate our very own “Rising Star!”

This months winner, is a member of the team who joined us whilst finishing off his Master Degree, and has hit the ground running from day one, straight out of university. He has taken the challenge of being thrown in at the very deep end, and through company changes has been left with his own department that everyone in the company relies on.

Our one man “Marketing Department” fully deserves the accolade - a total young gent within the company he will put his hand to anything that falls into his email box. If he doesn't know how to do something, he will research and learn quickly to get the job done.

His flexibility and focus, drive and detailed eye, makes sure that nothing leaves his desk that isn't “on brand”, making the whole Black Storm Group continue to go from strength to strength.

Well Done Thomas, A rising star within the company and I look forward to amazing things to come.


Now. Who doesn’t love spotting us when they’re enjoying a festival?

You would have done well not to bump into us or Beerbox across the country this summer. We have travelled the length and breadth of the UK, racking up hundreds of miles in the hope of delivering our beer. Whether you visited us at a nationwide festival like Pub in the Park or CarFest, or you drank with us at a smaller festival in the North East - if you drink with us you're one of us.

For the festival team whose passion and affection for Black Storm was evident at every event, their desire to share our story clear as day. Led by Mr Black Storm and Managing Director Paul Hughes who was the mainstay at pretty much every festival. Throughout the summer he was joined by different members of the team who all flew the Black Storm flag, delivering great service to our many storm chasers.

A special mention must be said towards our fellow traders whose friendliness and warmth through rain or shine was certainly a summer highlight. The relationships we built has enabled us to form solid partnerships with the likes of Weston Biltong Company and Jarvis Pickle, whose products now sold in our bars.

Some of you may have noticed that we had exclusive cans created for Pub in the Park and the Great British Food Festival; the IPA and Blonde cans were both received well by festival goers wanting to enjoy a traditional ale. Unsurprisingly, award-winning Tropical Storm and double award-winning Porter were the stand out beers.

As an overview of the summer tour we have put together our top 3 weekends:

1. Pub in the Park: Leeds

The weekend in Leeds, a city we always expect to indulge in their craft beer - surpassed our predications. The Leeds punters were only too happy to buy our beer - especially Summer Storm, the relaunch of 2018’s most popular beer resulted in us leaving Yorkshire with limited stock. Nevertheless, the highly successful festival was our most enjoyable Pub in the Park festival of 2019.

2. Beerbox on tour

Bringing the beers outside the box was the motto of this summer’s Beerbox on tour circuit. Spanning across the North East, the Beerbox staff's understanding of selling craft beer to different audiences was demonstrated in how a pop-up tent stocking unique beer can be super effective.  

3. CarFest South

In August Chris Evans CarFest in Hampshire was brilliant event for us. As expected, the weekend was full of pistol heads there to enjoy the shows. However, the crowds also had a passion for craft beer. The success of the weekend was reflected when we arrived back in the North East with no stock left.  

Finally, one last big thank you to everyone who came and visited us this summer - roll on summer 2020!

Don’t worry, if you’re missing our festival team already, it’s not too long until Christmas, where we will have our annual market up in Newcastle city centre.


final black storm month

The much anticipated return of STORM CHASER OF MONTH is finally here, celebrating a member of staff who has stood out amongst us!
As the summer months draw to an end, we are planning the rest of 2019 - specifically the 12 beers in 12 months project beers. With only a few months left of the year, we have six new collaboration beers to be released before Christmas.
This months winner, has worked tirelessly to ensure we have some innovative and mind-blowing beers in partnership with breweries across the country including: Darwin, Fallen Acorn, Frisky Bear and Allendale.
Logistics driver Jamie fully deserves the accolade - networking with breweries and discussing the type of beer to produce. The reward for his hard work is the privilege of naming the next project beer - 'Expression of the Emotions in Banana.'
Jamie's wealth of experience in the craft beer industry and his undoubted knowledge of beer is a great asset to our team. His personable nature when delivering our beer to all sides of the UK has enabled us to have exciting collaborations to come.
Nice work J, we're looking forward to sampling the collab beers!


We celebrated BeerBox turning one on Saturday and what a fantastic year it has been - beer, beer & more beer has come and gone from our friendly bottle shop.

There is no doubt that beer is central to everything we do at Black Storm and our box full of beer has been integral in sharing our love of great, innovative products.

Located in Stack Newcastle (just at the bottom of Northumberland Street) BeerBox reputation of stocking the finest, weirdest and funkiest beers from across the UK, has enabled us and BeerBox to grow together.







Follow BeerBox's story on their social media pages.

#stormchaser #partofthefamily