Less Bloating 1/3

Have you ever really fancied a beer, drank it, then instantly you’ve regretted it, as the beer leaves you feeling lethargic and uncomfortable? If so, then gluten-free beverages are the future.

A typical beer is brewed with large amounts of carbohydrates particularly barley and wheat, these are ingredients that can cause bloating.

Bloating occurs because once you consume beer its acts as a nucleation, meaning the gas is trapped within the drink and is then released inside your stomach – usually the fizzier the beer, the greater amount of gas will then be released inside of you.

Hence the reason why gluten-free options are becoming increasingly popular as they are naturally lighter and easier to digest.

An issue for long-term beer enthusiasts, who passionately enjoy ‘normal beer’ is whether these gluten-free drinks actually taste like a traditional beer. Therefore, breweries are taking note, implementing a wider range of options.

Autumn Brewing Co.’s two current beers; the Bavarian Pilsner and the English Pale Ale, will be joined soon by a third, a special edition, released very soon.

The ALT BREW beers are made up of water, malted rice, sugar, quinoa, hops and yeast, these naturally brewed beers have been a huge success for Black Storm, and 2019 has shown how promising the gluten-free market can be.