Lifestyle Choice 2/3

Everyone’s got an option in today’s society, an individual has the choice on how they live their lives – beliefs, attitudes and values change naturally in time.

The option to remove gluten from ones diet is becoming a more regular occurrence, food and drink gluten-free options are commonly seen in retailers across the world. Not so long ago, these kinds of supplements were only available through prescription.

Gluten is found in a large proportion of products from the most well known foods like pasta and cakes, to sauces and sweets. However, the key ingredient in producing beer is barley, which contains a fair amount of gluten within it.

Since the demand of gluten-free products has rocketed, breweries have dedicated themselves to brew only gluten-free beer. IPA’s, Pilsner’s, Blonde’s, and Stout’s are commonly brewed to meet personal preferences, offering a wide range.

Autumn Brewing Co.’s stance in the beer market is focused on giving individuals an alternative option when wanting to enjoy a beer. Therefore, the production of gluten-free classical beers is required to mirror the taste of a ‘conventional beer.’

Ultimately, for beer lovers who have decided to alter their lifestyle for a gluten-free diet, the variety is growing, along with the quality of the taste.