Suitable for Celiac suffers 3/3

Unlike some gluten-free products, Autumn Brewing Co.’s specially brewed beers are suitable for individuals suffering from celiac disease.

The disease is a common digestive condition which can cause multiple symptoms, leaving the suffers in huge discomfort – worldwide statistics show that 1 in 100 people are affected daily.

Contrasting to public perception, celiac disease and being gluten sensitive are two different things, while both have similar symptoms, there are differences in how to treat them.

In the gluten-free beer market, there was initial concern whether ‘gluten-removed’ beer would be suitable for celiac suffers. An issue concerning suffers is that most gluten-free beers are brewed with barley and wheat, then removed by an enzyme at a later stage; causing those individuals who require a gluten-free drink to be sceptical.

Yet, Autumn Brewing Co. contains only water, malted rice, sugar, quinoa, hops and yeast, becoming only ONE of four in the UK to brew beer and lager without any barley and wheat in at all.

Our ALT BREW range has revolutionised what can be achieved with gluten-free beer. For celiac suffers look no further than Autumn Brewing Co. – the taste, quality and suitability is like no other gluten-free beer.