Last week we waved goodbye to Autumn Brewing Co. and their ALT range of gluten-free beers. In the fast-moving environment that we operate in, we are keen on continuing to innovate and better ourselves, whilst growing the Black Storm group in an upward direction. Therefore, we have decided to rebrand the Autumn range into the Black Storm gluten-free collection.

When we acquired the Seaham based company last year, we knew fine well of their presence in the craft beer gluten-free market; we have been astounded with support and praise we have received whilst brewing, promoting and selling these award-winning beers. We have travelled the length and breadth of the country readied with ALT beers in cans and bottles which have sold unbelievably well.

At first, we were taken aback with the level of interest for gluten-free beers; hence the reason why we are continuing to champion gluten-free beer and will be for the foreseeable future!

To recap, The ALT range was made of up three beers:

ALT 1: A Bavarian Style Pilsner, ALT 2: An English Pale Ale and ALT 3: A Dark Roast Stout. The latter were gold winners at the Free From food awards 2018.

The Dark Roast stout was exceedingly popular, much so that in the 12 Beers in 12 Months collaboration project, Black Storm decided to use the stout as part the 2019 range.

However, on November the 1st  we decided to remove Autumn’s social media and website which signaled the end of the partnership.

Not to worry! In 2020 will be bring a whole new core range of gluten-free beers.

We hope the followers that Autumn gained through the brilliant work prior to our partnership and once we took the reins, will drive us for a better future.