For those who are unaware, Black Storm Brewery and Autumn Brewing Co. are as one – an extended family comprised of two breweries passionate about great BEER.

In 2018, Black Storm founder Paul Hughes boosted Black Storm’s stand in the craft beer market with the acquisition of the gluten-free microbrewery based in Seaham.

Autumn Brewing Co.’s position in the gluten-free marketplace has been remarkable, embracing a growing trend for the demand of these alternative beers.

The production of the beers is used by mixing grains such grains, rice, millet and quinoa, yielding the highest quality of naturally brewed beers and lagers.

Currently, the ALT BREW are made up of two beers and is an award-winning range, the latest ALT BREW is to be released later this month – available via can or keg.

Stocked across the UK, ALT BREW offers customers an option of a light and refreshing Bavarian Style Pilsner, or a traditional English Pale Ale.

Alternative Brewing use the highest quality ingredients sourced from two specialist from the USA; Eckert Malting Brewing Company and Grouse Malt House; both experts in the field of gluten-free beers.

Black Storm’s formidable partnership has enabled Autumn Brewing Co. to become the first company in Europe to import and use naturally gluten-free brewing malts.

Due to the high demand of Autumn beers, the events team will be attending various food and drink festivals the summer, including the Great British Food Festival and the Coeliac UK gluten-free fest; showcasing the growing market.

Over the next week, we will be releasing daily articles in regard to the benefits of drinking gluten-free beers. Stay tuned!