NE1’s ‘Bigg Ideas’

NE1 is the business improvement District in Newcastle city centre, they aim to strengthen and build the city’s economy. Recently they have created a project alongside Northumbria University students called ‘BIGG IDEAS’ with the purpose of creating ideas for the rejuvenation of Newcastle’s much loved Bigg Market.  

Many students decided to explore the potential of a brewery opening on the Bigg Market, or even a museum dedicated to craft beer, as the market is named after a distinct variety of Barley which has grown in the North of England for years and used to create beer. Therefore, Black Storm were lucky enough to be approached by some students to get involved in their amazing project! 

Leaving our branding in their hands we arrived at the event at Baltic 39 to find a mini Black Storm brewery! Students Joshua Riley, Will Robinson, Bella Sakr and Jacob Salvin created a brewing structure that took you through the five stages of beer making! With the idea that water fountains would turn water into beer and children would be able to use the structure as a climbing frame, encouraging children to question their environment and learn that the Bigg Market was once the center of trade in the North. Adults could then go to the bar at the end of the process and purchase a beer they just watched being brewed. Fingers crossed this concept can come to life in the future.  

Many other student projects were specially selected to be on display, all celebrating the future potential of the Bigg Market, an amazing way to appreciate a beautiful city with such potential – congratulations to everyone involved! We are truly honoured to be able to support our local students.