New to brew

Hey Chasers! 

Yesterday I went along to the brewing of our June 12beers12months collaboration with Tyne Bank Brewery. Being someone who knew little to nothing about the whole process I entered the building with the perception I was about to watch a factory line of machines create the collaboration beer. Much to be surprised at what a craft it truly is! 

Ryan, one of the brewers at Tyne Bank, was running back and forth between the hot liquor tank and the malt hopper beginning the first process of the entire brew. At this point I was standing with Kieran, one of our Beer Box geniuses, asking question after question about the whole process. Ask him anything and he will know, I was learning about the origin of the ingredients to why hops can change flavour profile, from what makes a good beer to why each brew can take a different amount of time. Suddenly I realised what a craft the whole process was, one wrong move and the whole brew would potentially be ruined. 

As we came to the end of the first process it was evident to me how much I underestimated the true passion that lies within the craft beer industry, and what makes our beers so good – time and effort. Next time you pick up a can educated yourself on the process of making it, and you might just appreciate it that little bit more! 

Harriet, Black Storm’s Marketing Intern