As Black Storm Brewery’s 12 Beers in 12 Months project celebrates six months of collaborations with breweries and artists, we are looking back at the previous months and reminding everyone of these innovative beers.

Following months of planning, early mornings and sleepless nights, the Black Storm team announced the confirmation of the 12 Beers scheme in early January, releasing a new beer every month, in partnership with breweries across the UK.

An integral part of the project has been to identify talented illustrators for the design of the cans, we worked closely with each designer to ensure the beers cans were the trendiest on the market.

January: The first instalment was the ‘Pink Champagne’ beer, this Pint Brut IPA, brewed with Green Duck Beer Co. and illustrated by Sleep Sparrow. This kicked off us with intent, as the refreshing tart lemon and berry flavour was complimented by a cranberry and strawberry taste, finished in a vibrant pink colour.

February: Secondly, ‘Alliance’ a New England Black IPA, brewed with Fallen Acorn, and illustrated by Andy Touhy, proved to be a complete difference to January’s edition – this black beer with hints of cameral and non-bittiness roast offered an alternative taste.

March: Next up was the unusually named ‘Onesies & Cuddles’, this New England IPA was experimental variety hop, brewed with Frisky Beer Brewing Co. and illustrated by Dale Crosby. The fruity, earthy taste was proved popular, as ‘Onesies & Cuddles’ sold out in record time.

April: ‘Cherry ‘The King’ Lawler’ brewed with Top Rope and illustrated by Jason Hollis, shocked the punters with its sharp tartness, this cherry IPA had a lingering taste of hops and bitterness which sealed its bold flavour.

May: This special edition beer – ‘The Death by Love, Gentleman of Letters’ was brewed with Autumn Brewing Co. – our gluten-free company, and was illustrated by Ciarán Glöbel. This naturally brewed gluten-free dark roast stout is completed with a dry chocolatey finish.

June: ‘Shakedown’ a New England Milkshake IPA, brewed with Tyne Bank Brewery and illustrated by Dan Underwood; celebrated sunnier days with a peach and apricot flavour, its golden orange body, signifies this as the summer beer. (Shakedown is due for release in July)

New collaborations, new tastes, new beer.