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A Dummies Guide on how to move a Brewery!

As part of the huge expansion plans for Black Storm Beers, the brewery has been moved from Royal Quays to a new home at a top secret location.

The new brewery isn't quite purpose built but has much more space and room to expand, as well as adequate space for loading export containers for all that craft beer to be shipped around the world.

Given the height of the 4m high tanks, the biggest challenge was getting them out of a 2.5m high doorway... So if anyone has a copy of "A dummies Guide on how to move a brewery", please check if that is in there, or better still don't put a brewery in a shopping centre!

The new brewery won't have a taproom (sorry taproom fans), but never fear, we're already lining up some pop ups and colab's with venues. The most important thing is focussing on brewing great beers.

More details on the progress of the brewery will follow soon.

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