Welcoming the arrival of the new can core range!


The arrival of the new core cans is a welcome addition to the Black Storm’s ever-growing portfolio of beers and we are ecstatic to bring you Pilsner, IPA, Porter, Blonde and Pale Ale in a 440ml can.

For a while now, we have planning how we want to represent ourselves through our can designs. And finally, after weeks and months, we, at last, came to a decision!

So, this March we are overjoyed to be able to bring you the ‘Blackout Edition’ with a coloured wrap, signifying the type of beer that is bubbling away inside.

Part of our original brand strategy was to differentiate our beers with colours and identifying each beer with colour has worked well for us, with the core range instantly becoming recognisable. BLONDE – YELLOW, IPA – GREEN, PORTER – CHARCOAL, PILSNER – BLUE and PALE ALE – PURPLE.

What we are keen on doing is to produce is a clean, simplistic, bold-looking design that can capture the attention of beer lovers across the country. The summer festival tour takes us across the UK as the #BStour2020 is where we believe our cans will be most popular – out on the road.

This doesn’t mean you cannot get your hands on these cans anywhere else though, they will be available in Tap House Whitley Bay & Newcastle, as well as from our online store.